Join the #67000litres challenge this Mandela Day

No matter where in South Africa you are and whether you’re a home cook, a caring corporate or a big or small hospitality industry player, you can share in the collective action of a nationwide initiative to cook #67000litres of soup in honour of Mandela Day.


In 2020, in a remarkable display of the true spirit of Mandela Day, over 300 chefs stood proudly behind their stoves, united despite the devastation of their industry, taking collective action to put their heart where their passion lies – feeding people – and sending a clear and unequivocal message of the indomitable spirit of the chef. The result… the target of 67 000 litres of soup was exceeded, and instead, 77 455 litres was cooked, serving 309 820 cups of soup to hungry people in 10 cities.

  • 309 820 cups of soup delivered to hungry people all over the country
  • R148 799,61 raised for Chefs with Compassion
  • Publicity to the value of R14 565 242 generated

2021 – and beyond

In 2021, Chefs with Compassion is embarking on a challenge to beat this target once again – this time challenging different categories of South Africans across a variety of sectors to dedicate their 67 minutes of time on Mandela Day to cooking for food vulnerable communities, and raising awareness of the shocking fact that 10 million tonnes of food goes to waste every year while 18 million people go to sleep hungry every day.

The categories of this year’s #67 000litres Challenge:

  • Hotels
  • Culinary Schools
  • Kitchens
  • Home Cooks
  • Corporates

Within each of these categories, participants will clean out their pantries in the weeks leading up to Mandela Day, using close-to-expiry-date products and supplementing with wholesome and nutritious ingredients to make a hearty soup.

What message are we sending?

That the food that is wasted across every stage of the food chain (Agriculture – Manufacturing – Distribution – Retail – Consumer) is sufficient to feed every hungry South African three meals a day.

How will this collective action by South Africans extend into the future?

Donations received through the #67000litres challenge will be used to allow Chefs with Compassion to continue our mission to Rescue | Cook | Feed. And beyond Mandela Day, we will be challenging the hotels, culinary schools, restaurants and kitchens who participate to continue cooking for their beneficiaries, using perfectly edible food that would go to waste and turning it into soup.

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Join the #67000litres Challenge this Mandela Day

I am ready to commit to cooking a healthy, nutritious soup for my chosen beneficiary for the #67000litres Challenge this Mandela Day.

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Notes from the Kitchen

We received large donations of vegetables and utensils from Chefs with Compassion which are helping us maintain our homeless soup kitchen that feeds over 200 people daily and vulnerable children in informal settlements in Berea.

Themba Mbatha-Chalumbira,
One Moment Foundation

After my restaurant business shut down at the start of lockdown, I saw people struggling. They couldn’t get food to eat. I chose to make a difference and I started a soup kitchen to feed people, with help from my staff and family – and Chefs with Compassion.

Thandi Dyantjie,

I used to have a catering business before Covid. Now I am involved with Chefs with Compassion in serving my community by cooking food and also sharing it with other organisations for their communities. I feed 1,500 people each week.

Busi Twala ,

We would like to thank the CWC team as they continuously provide rescued produce that has helped us feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people since the start of the lockdowns.

Dr Nishaan Kishore,
Infinity Foundation

Hope of the Hopeless Centre would not be open if it was not for CWC, which came and rescued us in the pandemic.

Margo Williams,
Hope of the Hopeless, Ennerdale

CWC gives Army of Yahweh the opportunity to help other soup kitchens for children and old age homes and vulnerable people in informal settlements in different areas.

Pastor Adrian Breda,
Army of Yahweh