The food rescue operation is the foundation of Chefs with Compassion’s ability to provide nutritious ingredients for meals to our network of kitchens. Our sincere thanks to every individual and organisation involved in the rescue of fresh produce and groceries – from the Joburg Produce Market, local farmers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

At our sharehouse in City Deep, products are sorted, and good produce goes to the kitchens who collect quantities according to the number of people and the frequency they cook for and feed. Produce unfit for human consumption goes to composting and pig farmers.

NOSH Food Rescue NPC is a key food rescuer. NOSH was established in 2015to reduce food insecurity by diverting and repurposing prepared and perishable surplus nutritious food, and redistributing to soup kitchens, shelters and feeding schemes, and since May 2020, to Chefs with Compassion.

A growing number of food donors also contribute to the rescue of products reaching sell-by dates, adding nutrition and flavour to the meals produced by the Kitchens in our compassionate network.

A massive thank you to all our current and future food rescuers.

Notes from the Kitchen

We received large donations of vegetables and utensils from Chefs with Compassion which are helping us maintain our homeless soup kitchen that feeds over 200 people daily and vulnerable children in informal settlements in Berea.

Themba Mbatha-Chalumbira,
One Moment Foundation

After my restaurant business shut down at the start of lockdown, I saw people struggling. They couldn’t get food to eat. I chose to make a difference and I started a soup kitchen to feed people, with help from my staff and family – and Chefs with Compassion.

Thandi Dyantjie,

I used to have a catering business before Covid. Now I am involved with Chefs with Compassion in serving my community by cooking food and also sharing it with other organisations for their communities. I feed 1,500 people each week.

Busi Twala ,

We would like to thank the CWC team as they continuously provide rescued produce that has helped us feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people since the start of the lockdowns.

Dr Nishaan Kishore,
Infinity Foundation

Hope of the Hopeless Centre would not be open if it was not for CWC, which came and rescued us in the pandemic.

Margo Williams,
Hope of the Hopeless, Ennerdale

CWC gives Army of Yahweh the opportunity to help other soup kitchens for children and old age homes and vulnerable people in informal settlements in different areas.

Pastor Adrian Breda,
Army of Yahweh